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The Secret Benefits of Bamboo Home Accessories

The Secret Benefits of Bamboo Home Accessories
A variety of organizers and stands, racks and whatnots, banquettes in the hallway, or maybe a table for a laptop or hangers in the dressing room? Any accents based on bamboo are very relevant now. Interesting wooden gizmos are easily integrated into a living or working space of any stylistic orientation, while you do not have to worry about environmental friendliness and health safety since the material is absolutely natural. Tropical fashion almost knows no bounds, and the return to natural materials has become an enduring trend in interior design. Absolutely everything that contains a bamboo tree is fashionable: chairs and tables, benches and shoe stand, organizers for household items or cosmetics, and even kitchen accessories (vases, plates, kitchen utensils). What is the attractive power of bamboo? Let’s see the secret benefits of bamboo home accessories. The 5 secret benefits that you will get by decorating your home using bamboo 1 – Design furniture The surface of the bamboo is smooth and of a pleasant color to the eye. It does not require painting or polishing and its versatility makes it suitable for making furniture, furnishing accessories, floors, and even home accessories such as tools, cutting boards, Coconut Shell Candle, and toothbrushes. Bamboo can be used in home furnishings: from the bathroom to the bedroom, from the living room to the entrance. The perfect furnishing style for bamboo furniture is undoubtedly ethnic or afro chic. 2 – Robustness Bamboo is a strong and resistant plant. Hence its nickname is green steel. It is resistant to shocks but also to atmospheric agents such as sudden changes in temperature and humidity. However, bamboo, in its strength and durability, remains light and easily transportable material. 3 – Hygiene and safety Bamboo is safe as well as hygienic. In fact, its fibers are naturally antibacterial and therefore do not require any toxic chemical treatment. A substance called bamboo Kun which is found in bamboo fiber, gives it its natural antibacterial properties. It is an antimicrobial bio-agent that prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes on bamboo products. 4 – Rapid growth The bamboo plant can grow very fast. Bamboo can grow more than 60 centimeters in a single day and more than 1 meter per hour for short periods, which is why it has the record growth speed among all plants on Earth. Its renewing properties make bamboo an absolutely sustainable alternative. 5 – Bamboo helps the environment and protects biodiversity There are many bamboo items online that bring positive benefits not only to the interior of the home, as the basis for sustainable, hygienic, and resistant furnishings, but also to the environment. In fact, bamboo is able to absorb twice as much carbon dioxide as other trees. It generates a large amount of oxygen (30% more than most plants), and the roots make the soil more stable, reducing the risk of landslides. Bamboo also helps protect biodiversity and endangered species by providing them with food and shelter.

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